Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Giveaway~


Dear Crafters,
I'm giving away some of my precious items as a way of making new friends and share new ideas.
I hope many will join this giveaway as I am giving away these for FREE!

- 5 pieces 3" x 3" 100% wool felt sheets
- A bundle of grosgrain ribbons. > 10 pieces, variety lengths
- 4 french clips
- 4 snap clips
- a huge lot of cute buttons (more than 40 pieces)
- 2 pieces of pinwheel hairbow that I sell.

This giveaway starts today (18/3/12) and will ends on Friday, (30/3/12)
Only 1 winner will be selected using random software.
The lucky winner name will be announced on  Saturday, 31/3/2012

Here's how to participate:
1) Be my follower
2) Make a post in your blog about this giveaway, together with the official picture linked to this blog.
3) Leave a comment below on why you want to win this giveaway! Don't forget to put your name and URL.

Good luck!


hana said...

would like to join your GA..
I want to win this prize because it is awesome and i love those items!!

already make post in my blog (but in malay~)

Tica said...

thanks Hana!

Lena said...

Hi ! Joined ur giveaway. Hope i can win because ur items are sooo cute ! Can't wait to start creating. Here's the link

Sarah said...

I'd love love love to win this and am a happy follower! Is it an international giveaway?

I don't have a blog... am I allowed to enter? If not, please disregard this. I'd love to win these goodies but if you don't think that's fair, I totally understand.

I want to win because I LOVE making new things. I'm constantly experimenting with fabric, felt, paper crafts, polymer, etc. I've never made hair clips before (with the exception of a bow I wore constantly in high school!) but I'd LOVE to give it a shot and you've inspired me to do so!



Princess Amni said...

hi...Jam dah jd follower & dah post entry about GA ni dekat blog...Jam harap sgt dapat GA dr Simply Sewn ni sbb, ni adalah GA pertama yang Jam join sejak kenal dengan dunia craft ni..

anyway....chaiyok!!! (Simply sewn buatkan Jam pon rase nak buat GA camni)...hihihi

Natiiii said...

i would love to enter, but i dont have a blog..:( i tweeted it though!/luckycharmeva/status/182525919032918016

i would love to win because those items are really useful and i love creating!


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