Sunday, December 18, 2011

New baby quilt set

Actually I wanted to finish this quilt today..
but since I have a long list of to-do tasks, I might have to finish it another day..
The long list is because I have to start working tomorrow!
OMG.. can't believe how fast 2 months of maternity leaves are..
Here's a sneak peak of the next quilt that I'm making for sale..
This time it's for a boy! Enjoy the pics!

 That's the pillow and bolster :-)  actually the choc polkadots will be the fabric for binding..
in case you are wondering why... ( I know it may not look matching at this stage, but wait until I;m finished ok.. hehe)

Zooming the fabrics... There's lots of polkadots here.. I love it. do you?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fabric Frenzy

Seronok juga bila sekali sekale browse through blogshops ni..
I'm sure all of us LOVE polkadots rite..

Here's from Fabric of My Life. Cantik kan? yummylicious.. yum yum

Feel like crazy looking at these designer fabrics by Poetry and Rhythm of Printed Textiles

more designer fabrics here.. at better price ;-) d'amani cottontherapy. A true therapy.. for me!

ok.. tak boleh banyak2.. nanti mata juling (sigh) haha. till next post~~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Felt baby shoe anyone?

I have made a lot searches in the google and etsy for felt baby shoes.
Finally I have come up with my own design for baby' boy felt shoe..
They are available for sale.. do click on the "Product" section for more details :-)

I would do more research and come up with more designs for boys and girls..
Hopefully one day I will be able to sell my own design and template :-)

Simply Sewn Booth at e@Curve Damansara

Last week I have opened a humble booth at e@Curve Damansara from Friday to Sunday, 9th - 11th December. Alhamdulillah feedback menggalakkan.. ramai yang suka dengan barang handmade ni sebenarnya.. a good experience and exposure...

some of the items on sale were:
- felt baby booties ( I made my own design)
- pinwheel alligator hairclips
- baby headband
- baby bibs

My younger sister who studied in New Zealand is on holiday.. she helped me setup the booth and sell her homemade Mega Chocolate Chip cookie.. a gigantic size of cookie! yum yum!
here's some of the pictures for sharing! :-)

 ni lah tokey kedai.. hehe.

Some of the items are still on sale at the "Product" section. Do browse through! :-)

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