Monday, February 27, 2012

POLYESTER felt VS 100% WOOL felt

Hi there! I'm sure most of us are familiar with felts. They comes in sheets or by meters.
Sell mostly in Craft stores.. blog shops.. etc.

What we get most in Malaysia are POLYESTER felt. It is indeed a very difficult search for me to find a 100% WOOL felt. At last, I bought my felts here: Material Evidence Shop

The shop offers free 100% wool felt sample for their followers, IF u asked for it.
Go ahead and join them at their official website! Don't forget to ask for a free sample as you will definitely feel the HUGE differences between POLYESTER and WOOL felts.
Once you've tried it, you won't go back to polyester felt!

Here's what I've got to say:
polyester felt characteristics:
- Cheap
- Soft and fluffy
- Has a "shining" texture to it (due to polyester blend)
- Easy to fray
- Worn out and "berbulu" easily
- Not heat and pull resistant

100% wool felt characteristics:
- A bit expensive
- Soft but firm texture
- Easy, clean cutting
- Non-fraying
- Not easy to worn out and certainly don't "berbulu"
- Heat and pull resistant

Compare polyester felt (purple at the back) and wool felt (dark purple at the front) texture:
polyester shining texture compare to wool felt texture

Non fraying of wool felt
Fraying of polyester felt

Pull resistant

Non pull resistant

Effect after pulling force (wool)

Effect after pulling force (polyester)
* My products that uses felt will now use 100% wool felt only.

Please note that my felt products are a bit expensive than others.. but mine will certainly keep its shape, durability and softness for long long time!

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